Integrated Content Solutions for SAP

Accelerate the development and launch of better, safer products with 3E and SAP.

The 3E and SAP Relationship

SAP's Chinese Partner

Ensure product safety, compliance and marketability with a combined solution from 3E, the global leader in regulatory content, and SAP, the world's most powerful software platform for product compliance. 3E is SAP's strategic development partner and exclusive provider of embedded regulatory data for SAP S/4HANA for product compliance.

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SAP has chosen 3E’s global regulatory content to fuel its product compliance platforms, empowering your team to:
  • Anticipate and manage regulatory changes
  • Respond quickly to changing customer requirements
  • Avoid supply chain disruption 
  • Accelerate time to market

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3E ERC (EHS Regulatory Content)

Ensure global product compliance with seamless access to 3E's value added regulatory content within SAP. 3E ERC provides global substance lists and reference data plus multilingual phrases, expert rules and SDS templates for SAP EHS and S/4HANA for product compliance.

  • Run compliance checks to ensure product marketability
  • Efficiently create Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and labels
  • Access data including Classification and Labeling, Occupational Exposure Limits, Notification Status, Prohibitions and Restrictions, Health and Environment and UN-transport regulations
  • Leverage expert rules for substance and mixture classification
  • Safely transport hazardous materials
  • Keep current with continually evolving regulations worldwide
  • Maximize the value of your SAP platform
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3E ERD (EHS Regulatory Documentation)

Cloud-based SDS and label authoring services for managing component data and authoring SDSs for 140+ countries. 3E delivers your requested component classifications, product SDSs, label text and support data within days.

Through SAP's Chinese Partner -
  • Collaborate with the 3E team by providing data about your products and specifying the countries for which you require documents
  • 3E assesses the data and generates the required hazard communication documentation
  • Manage component data and authoring of SDSs for over 140 countries in more than 48 languages

3E Optimize for SAP Recipe Development

Seamlessly integrate our value added food, personal care and home care compliance check content into the SAP Recipe Development platform to accelerate the development and launch of safe, compliant products.

  • Ensure product safety and marketability
  • Run compliance checks directly in SAP RD
  • Screen for restricted substances
  • Eliminate banned ingredients
  • Anticipate and manage regulatory changes

3E Notify for Poison Centre Notification

A cloud-based application that connects to your SAP platform to streamline compliance with EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN) requirements. The 3E Notify notification engine extracts the required data from the SAP Specification Database and maps it to the ECHA PCN format.

  • Automate UFI generation, dossier compilation and notification submission
  • Elminate manual processes
  • Leverage tight integration with SAP EHS and S/4HANA for product compliance
  • Protect your confidential business information
  • Assign EU product categories to mixtures
  • Run expert validation rules to ensure dossier data meets PCN requirements


You have options for unlocking the value created by the combination of 3E regulatory content with your SAP platform.

Implementation, integration, updates and training can be performed by the 3E Enablement Team or by a qualified implementation partner, your chosen professional services provider or your internal organization.